Library — Books & articles on Oberon technologies, programming textbooks & some rare computer science books

Wiki — community encyclopaedia

BlackBox — the open-source component-based development environment for the programming language Component Pascal (dialect of Oberon)

Components — BlackBox component collection

Projects — the list of works, carried out by community members

Applications — Oberon applications in science and industry


Community unites users and developers of Oberon-systems & languages.

Informatika-21 — international public scientific-educational project

OberonCore forum — community forum (mostly Russian)

BlackBox Framework Center — “BlackBox Center”

Niklaus Wirth in Russia — presentation of a big tour of N. Wirth in Russia in 2005

OBERON School — section of the virtual programmers club "Delphi Kingdom" (Russian)

Oberon Community Platform — Oberon community support at ETH (English)

Astrobe ForumAstrobe (Oberon-IDE for ARM microcontrollers) users support (English)

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